Helicopter Hire to Cheltenham Festival 2018

Helicopter HireBeat the traffic delays and arrive in the ultimate style, Hire a Helicopter with Private Travel Services to the 2018 Cheltenham Festival.

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the most prestigious and popular racing events in the UK. With over 200,000 spectators and at least £500 million expected to change hands over the four days, arrive relaxed and ready for all the festival has to offer via your own private helicopter charter.

Helicopter hire to Cheltenham festival offers the ability to fly directly to the Cheltenham racecourse and at an affordable cost. Our modern fleet of well equipped helicopters offer a stylish and exciting mode of transport that also takes away any need for driving and subsequent traffic meaning that you’re free to really relax and fully get into the spirit of the Cheltenham Festival.

Here at Private Travel Services, we can arrange for your helicopter to collect you from your own private land (subject to take-off and landing requirements being met), or alternatively the closest available private helicopter landing site. Climb on board and allow Private Travel Services to fly you and your family/friends directly to the 2018 Cheltenham Festival.

We have over 100 helicopters available to hire for Cheltenham Festival, however, due to the high number of requests already recieved, we would advise booking as soon as possible.

To discuss helicopter hire to Cheltenham Festival and find your closest private helicopter landing site, please call our dedicated helicopter hire team on +44 (0)1202 798 640 or email: cheltenham@privatetravelservices.co.uk