Private Jet flights are generally thought of as being an extravagance that only the more privileged in society can afford and for good reason. It’s a luxury that comes with a rather large price tag and the idea that somebody could fly on their own private jet for a fraction of the cost wouldn’t even cross most people’s minds. However, it is possible?

Absolutely. By using an empty leg charter flight with Private Travel Services.

Imagine a customer flies one way from Spain to London and the jet that has been used is based in Madrid. The jet lands and drops the passengers off in London and unless there are other flights booked in the aircraft, the usual practice will be for the jet to be flown back to its home base in Madrid ready for the next booking. However, this does mean more costs for the owner thus the journey becomes available for sale as an ’empty leg’ at a greatly reduced rate (compared to that of the “standard” charter rate).


With an average of at least 100 private jet empty leg charter flights available every single day, booking your flight on one of these empty legs means that you are helping to reduce the owner’s costs and this subsequently allows us to sell the flight at a greatly reduced price with a typical saving off around 75%.

Private jet empty leg charter flights are a great way to save money on certain routes and could be a perfect way for you and some family or friends to get away, however, please bear in mind that there are restrictions you’ll need to be aware of when using empty leg charter flights;

  • Flights must normally depart as per a pre-agreed schedule and cannot delay, unless previously agreed.
  • Flights are subject to delays caused by any flight before the empty leg charter flight.
  • Changes to your schedule (both time and date) cannot be accommodated when using a private jet empty leg charter flight.
  • With access to thousands of private jet empty leg charter flights around the world, contact Private Travel Services today for the latest availability and save up to 75% on your next private charter flight.


Don’t miss out on the latest ‘Empty Leg’ flying to your preferred destination, sign up to our free Empty Leg Monitor service today.

Our FREE Empty Leg Monitor service is an excellent way to ensure your up to date on all of the latest available Empty Leg charter flight.

For example, you have a holiday home in Italy and would like to be informed of any suitable empty legs flights leaving London to Bari, Italy. Private Travel Services can monitor the empty legs for you and make you aware as soon as a matching empty leg charter flight becomes available.

To discuss empty leg charter flights in further detail, locate an empty leg that matches your requirements or to receive empty leg alerts, call our 24-hour team on +44 (0)1202 798 640 or contact us here

Alternatively, feel free to search some of our featured private jet empty leg charter flights displayed on our empty leg charter flight page.