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Private Travel Services provides a wide range of private aviation travel services to a broad and varied client base. Our services include; private jet charter, business jet charter, air taxi charter flights, urgent medical flights, helicopter hire and private helicopter scenic tours.

With over 15 years experience in the private air charter industry, our specialist team provide excellent, no obligation private charter advice and of course, the very best aircraft available at the best rate possible.

All aircraft chartered through Private Travel Services are maintained to the highest standard and flown on a valid AOC in accordance with UK CAA / EASA commercial charter flight regulations. All private jet charter flights are flown by 2 highly experienced type-rated pilots at all times. Most helicopter charter flights are flown under single-pilot operations. Although this is absolutely safe, an additional pilot will always be offered, should you desire one.

The flight crew for all of our private charter flights (including scenic tours) are fully type-rated, multi-thousand-hour pilots with extensive experience of their chosen aircraft type. Find out more about charter flight safety below.

Private Travel Services is dedicated to providing a first class service at all times.

We are happy to offer prospective clients advice related to their requirements, that comes entirely free of any obligation to use our services. Contact us today to speak to an aviation specialist about private aircraft charter.

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Private Charter Flight Safety

Private Charter Flight safety is our number 1 priority when arranging any private aircraft charter.

Our team are extremely well trained and have a great deal of experience in the private aircraft charter industry.

All aircraft provided by Private Travel Services are fully audited by ourselves prior to being offered to our clients, our audits ensure the aircraft our clients use are maintained to the highest standards, compliant with all the rules and regulations set by the UK CAA and that the owner or operator has an impeccable safety record!

Your comfort, enjoyment and satisfaction is paramount but with all of our flights, your safety comes first.

All of the private jet aircraft Private Travel Services utilise to provide aircraft charter services to our clients have been audited and certified compliant with our strict safety criteria.

All aircraft are operated on a AOC (air operator’s certificate), are maintained to the highest standard and flown by two multi-thousand-hour type rated flight crew at all times.

For further information on Private Jet Charter Flight safety please call our team on +44 (0)1202 798 640

All of the helicopters we operate for helicopter hire, helicopter charter and helicopter tours are the safest available in the UK. We are proud of our impeccable safety record and take all of the necessary precautions to ensure you’re completely safe.

All helicopter flights are operated by multi-thousand hour type rated flight crew and are flown on a valid AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate).

Helicopters by their nature are very different to flying by a fixed wing aircraft but are a perfectly safe and an effective method for private travel, getting you closer to your ultimate destination and offering an excellent range of possibilities.

For further information on Helicopter Hire Safety, please call our dedicated 24-hour team on +44 (0)1202 798 640

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